Our Process

Gem City Coffee, Inc. is a local, small batch artisan roaster from Welaka, Florida. At Gem City Coffee, we deliver the freshest coffee – guaranteed. We roast after receiving an order and typically deliver locally or ship within 48 hours of roasting.

We use the energy efficient Artisan 3-e and X-e Fluid Bed roasters for roasting our beans. In a fluid bed roaster, you’re creating your heat and your airflow from the bottom. This keeps the beans in a constant rotation, so that they’re not actually roasting on a surface; they’re being roasted from the air and the pressure moving in the chamber. As the hot air flows through the roaster, the force lifts the beans into the air, causing them to float. This pure, clean process results in a great tasting roasted bean.

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Gem City Coffee is pleased to present a selection of ethically farmed coffee beans, whole or ground, with both single-order and subscription options. Our decaf green coffee beans are decaffeinated before roasting using the naturally-chemical-free Swiss Water Process. The patented Swiss Water process uses only water to remove 99.9% of the content from coffee. This non-chemical process retains much of the coffees flavor characteristics.

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Our Promise

From sourcing to roasting to packaging, Gem City Coffee has strove to insure the best green, environmentally responsible process. Our goal is to produce the cleanest, freshest, and best tasting roasted coffee. Give our coffees a taste and we believe you will agree our coffee is a step above others on the market.