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Where Every Sip Makes A Difference

Where Every Sip Makes A Difference

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Meet our Beans & Blends

Full and rich aroma with hints of stone fruit, milk chocolate, brown sugar, sweet finish.

Tiger's Eye Blend

Well-balanced and medium body with hints of milk chocolate, cherry and caramel.

Chocolate Diamond Blend

Full, rich body, hints of dark chocolate, dried fruit, and roasted almonds.

Smokey Quartz Blend

Smooth Vienna roast-rich, full body. Herbal, dark chocolate, and dried fruit notes.

Mahogany Obsidian Blend

Good body with rich, dark chocolate notes and an almond, caramel finish.

Evening Topaz Blend

Well balanced, luxuriously creamy, with a chocolatey sweetness and a seductive kiss of crema.The smooth, non-bitter, lingering aftertaste of this espresso is sure to bring excitement to your palate.

Bella's Rhodinite Espresso Blend

The Heart of Gem City Coffee, Inc.

Gem City Coffee, Inc. is a local, small batch artisan roaster from Welaka, Florida that delivers the freshest coffee – guaranteed – using a variety of beans, both single-origin and hand-crafted blends.

The GCC team promises nothing less than coffee that’s fresh, made to order with care in the beloved Gem City of Florida. All of the beans are roasted and ground per order, packaged on the same day and shipped within forty-eight hours.

While the goal of Gem City Coffee, Inc. is to energize people through their coffee, at the heart of it all is the commitment to giving back. A percentage of all sales from specific coffee blends go to local non-profit organizations that are very personal to owners Jean and Bob